欧宝体育竞猜|ZOZO锦标赛前瞻:伍兹争卫冕 在舍伍德过往战绩漂亮


On October 21, Beijing time, Tiger Woods tried to break the tie with Sam Snead for the first 7 times, setting a new record for the most wins on the PGA Tour, and only won one top 35: the Farmers Insurance Open tied for No. nine. Trying again at the ZOZO Championship this week, Woods' identity is different from before. He is the defending champion, but he will defend in different hemispheres, different continents, and different courts.

北京时间10月21日,泰格·伍兹(Tiger Woods)试图首7次打破与萨姆·斯内德(Sam Snead)的比赛,刷新了美巡赛最多获胜的新纪录,并且仅获得了前35名:九在本周的ZOZO锦标赛上再次尝试,伍兹的身份与以前有所不同。他是卫冕冠军,但他将在不同的半球,不同的大陆和不同的法院进行辩护。

   Woods will lead a 78-man lineup at the Thousand Oaks Sherwood Country Club in the ZOZO Championship. When the event was held in Japan last year, Woods won by 3 strokes, but this year because of the new crown epidemic, the event was relocated to the United States.


   Woods certainly does not need evidence to prove that he has a chance to win the championship, but moving to Sherwood increased his chances of winning.


   Sherwood Country Club has been hosting this event from the second World Challenge in 2000 until 2013. In the course of Woods participating in this elite event 12 times, he won 5 times and finished second, of which the last 2 times were lost in the playoffs. In the last game, he almost won the sixth time. At that time, Zach Johnson scored a par 58 yards away from the final hole of the race, and then defeated Woods in the sudden death match. Also in 1999, Woods won the "Showdown at Sherwood" (Showdown at Sherwood). In that match play for TV, he won 2 holes and beat David Duval with 1 hole.

从2000年第二届世界挑战赛到2013年,舍伍德乡村俱乐部一直在举办这项赛事。在伍兹参加这项精英赛事的过程中,他有12次参加了比赛,他赢了5次并获得了欧宝体育竞猜第二名,其中最后2次在季后赛中失利。在上一场比赛中,他几乎第六次获胜。当时,扎克·约翰逊(Zach Johnson)在比赛最后一洞打进了标准杆58码,然后在突然的死亡比赛中击败了伍兹。同样在1999年,伍兹赢得了“舍伍德的对决”(舍伍德的对决)。在电视的那场比赛中,他赢得2洞,并以1洞击败David Duval。

   is located in the Conejo Valley in the northwest of Los Angeles. Sherwood helped Woods achieve his legend in the par-five hole. This 7073-yard site was designed by Nicklaus and has 5 par-5 holes and 5 par-3 holes, so the par of the 18-hole site is still par 72. The huge bent grass green can reach a speed of 13 feet. The second major defense is that the main grass is not less than 3 inches, but the score is estimated to be very low.


   Sunny Southern California occasionally brings clouds, but it is estimated that it will not rain. Residual fog may affect the daily start-up time, and the maximum temperature during the day may cool to a median of 60 degrees Fahrenheit by Sunday. When the temperature drops, fresh wind will blow in, but each round affects up to one or two shots.


   Phil Mickelson will also play with a wild card. He only played Sherwood twice in 2000 and 2002, and he never had a chance to compete for the championship twice. But if you believe in synergy, he should make noise this week. Sherwood hosted the Championship Tour from 2016 to 2019. Mickelson played in two old men's games and won both, including last Sunday in Virginia.

菲尔·米克尔森(Phil Mickelson)也将玩外卡。他在2000年和2002年只踢过Sherwood两次,而他再也没有机会两次参加冠军争夺。但是,如果您相信协同作用,他本周应该大声疾呼。舍伍德(Sherwood)于2016年至2019年期间举办了冠军巡回赛。米克尔森(Mickelson)参加了两次老男人比赛,包括上周日在弗吉尼亚州都赢得了两次。

  ZOZO Championship was also certified by the Japanese Tour. A total of 11 Japanese Tour players participated. Among them, the outstanding representatives of Japan are Hideki Matsuyama and the new professional Takumi Kanaya (Takumi Kanaya).

ZOZO冠军也通过了日本巡回赛的认证。共有11名日本巡回赛选手参加。其中,日本的杰出代表是松山英树和新的专业人士金谷刚(Takumi Kanaya)。

   There is no elimination line for the 72-hole event, and everyone can get a bonus. Participants worth mentioning include McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Colin Morikawa, Jordan Spieth, Patrick Reid, Ricky Fowler, etc.

72洞比赛没有淘汰线,每个人都可以得到奖金。值得一提的参与者包括McIlroy,Justin Thomas,Colin Morikawa,Jordan Spieth,Patrick Reid,Ricky Fowler等。



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