【欧宝体育竞猜】穆里奇曾疑惑国足为何不用郜林 恒大两功勋互相力挺


   Source of manuscript: Football News


   34-year-old Muric and Gao Lin will meet again in the second round of the relegation group.


Since Yongchang’s return to the Super League, Mulic has reunited with many Evergrande teammates, such as China’s Gao Lat, Huang Hai’s Zou Zheng, Zall’s Zhang Chenglin, TEDA’s Rong Hao, Guoan’s Alan, Dalian’s Zhao Xuri and Zheng Long.


But Gao Lin is different. They belong to the "Hengda Phase One". They have worked hard together in the first stage, and they all have had a "hard life". They have all trained in the dilapidated base of Guangyao without toilets, except for the direct participation of the Evergrande Dynasty. The creator and the witness are the founders.


   Gao Lin came in March 2010, with a transfer fee of 6 million yuan; Muric came in July, with a transfer fee of 3.5 million US dollars-and this "time difference" is almost the "age difference" between the two.


Gao Lin stayed at Evergrande for 9 years. When he first came, he was a little worried. He was still a 24 year old young man. When he left this year, his daughter was 4 years old. Mulic left for the first time in July 2014. In May, 8 million US dollars went to THAAD. Three years later, he returned to Evergrande again, but after only staying for half a season, he went to Tiehan on loan. He joined Yongchang last year for 4 and a half years-but no matter the length of time, Both of them kept their best years, that is, their peak state, at Evergrande, and now they just dedicate their waste heat.

高林在恒大住了9年。当他第一次来时,他有点担心。他仍然是24岁的年轻人。当他今年离开时,他的女儿4岁。 Mulic于2014年7月首次离开。5月份,THAAD获得了800万美元。三年后,他再次回到恒大,但只呆了半个赛季,便借到铁汉。去年,他加入永昌已有四年半了,但不管时间长短,他们俩都在恒大保持了最好的时光,也就是他们的巅峰状态,现在他们只不过是在浪费自己的余热。

   During Hengda, Gao Lin played 369 official games, scored 113 goals, and had 82 assists. Personal honors, in addition to a Golden Boot in the Chinese Premier League (2010), but also three finalists in the Super League team (2012, 2016, 2017), as for the team championship, including the Super League 8 crowns, AFC Champions League double crown, FA Cup double crown , Super Cup 4 crowns, of course, there is also a Chinese champion; Muriqi played 143 official games, scored 83 goals, and 38 assists. Personal honors, including Chinese Super Footballer, Golden Boots (2011), AFC Golden Boots, MVP (2013), Football Association Cup Golden Boots (2011), Best Foreign Aid in Asia (2013), and are also selected as the Super Best for three times Lineup (2011, 2012, 2013), as for the team championships, including 4 in the Super League, 1 in the AFC Champions League, and 1 in the FA Cup, there is also a Chinese Champion.


   It can be said that both of them are full of honor, and of course, they also make a lot of money.


As the first players to join Evergrande, Gao Lin and Mulic have a very good relationship. They not only support each other on the court, but are also good friends in private. Even when Mulic left Evergrande, the two were on social media. They often "play around" and express their friendship in the most "primary" way.


   While on the team, when the opponent is in bad condition and encounters criticism, they will all "voice".


In May 2013, Evergrande hit the Coast Mariners in the 1/8 finals of the AFC Champions League. Before Gao Lin was quite questioned. The fans gave him the nickname "Gao Aircraft", but in that game, he passed and shot. The team's biggest hero, Gao Lin's assist, was given to Muriqi, "We are very familiar and have a good relationship. The most important thing is that Muriqi has this ability and can hold my pass. "


In April 2014, in the AFC Champions League group match against Sydney, Evergrande lost 0-2 away. At that time, Muric missed 3 singles. Originally, singles was not his strong point. In addition, he played with injuries and did not perform well. It is understandable, but after the game, some extreme fans accused Muric on the Internet, believing that he was “dead” and the club should replace him. Gao Lin supported Muric on social media, "Who has no trough? Who has no bottleneck? A player who can't participate in training normally, for the whole team who insists on playing full court regardless of physical load, we still bear to blame. Isn't he a mercenary!"




  During the Hengda period, both of them were the players with the most goals in team history, but now they are both surpassed by Golat.


This season, Gao Lin is the captain of the Shenzhen Football Team, making 14 appearances (all starts), with a total time of 1153 minutes, scoring 5 goals and 1 assist; while Muliqi is the deputy captain of Yongchang, making 12 appearances (11 starts). The total time is 967 minutes, 4 goals and 1 assist.


In terms of statistics, the two are similar. Moreover, due to their respective status, the burden on their shoulders is not small. After losing the first round, the pressure on both of them is very high. Can each be his own, but I don’t know who can have the last laugh.


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