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   That was the winter of 2009.


The American people are in a joyous Christmas atmosphere, but the Washington Wizards are not happy because the schedule is about 1/3 but they cannot find the secret of victory. They experienced two 6-game losing streaks in the first 26 games, which led to the team. The ups and downs were languid.


To make matters worse, after the ninth victory of the season that ended the defeat of the 76ers, the star Arenas was at odds with teammate Wallis Cretanton in a bet on the plane. Two days later, the Wizards The famous gun door incident broke out in the locker room.


   In the details of the various versions of the gun door that came out later, there was no picture of two guns pointing at each other in the gangster film. The real situation is that Arenas opened the door of the cabinet and four guns were displayed impressively.


With a big wave of his hand, the style chosen by the king, Christine took it out of his cabinet when he felt that this scene was really a thousand years of waiting and the teammates who had been waiting for a while and felt that the day was gone. A gun was pointed at Arenas.


   As for the follow-up, Arenas calmed down and persuaded the anti-target teammates to put down their guns and become Buddhas with a three-inch tongue. Whether they kicked the gun while the opponent was unprepared, it is unknown.


   Both heroes are the masters of good money, how can they turn their faces for a mere $1,100 in gambling?


   This is just the brains of two people who love to fight hard. Tomorrow, the gang member Christine who committed a major crime and was sentenced to 23 years in prison is more vicious, but Arenas always makes people feel that the momentum has the upper hand.


The NBA headquarters quickly responded to the incident. Stern, who has been committed to bringing the NBA image closer to the elite, has maintained an absolutely zero tolerance attitude towards all evils that go against the will of the league after experiencing the Auburn Hills palace incident. .

NBA总部迅速对这一事件作出了回应。斯特恩一直致力于使NBA形象更接近精英阶层,在经历了奥本山宫事件之后,对所有违背联盟意愿的邪恶保持了绝对零容忍的态度。 。

   A ban, the two parties were suspended until the end of the season.


Arenas was no longer in the midst of the day. His career was declining. Repeated injuries caused him to miss most of the previous two seasons. Even so, after his comeback, he was still the number one player in the lineup. Thinking of regrouping and regaining the mountains and rivers, I never thought but tossed out a moth, which directly affected the whole team and even the whole league. As a result, the distracted Wizards fell like a mountain and turned over 19 wins and 63 losses at the end of the season. Transcript.


It is precisely because of the worst in history that the Washingtonian knocked down the first no domino, and became the male protagonist of this article the following year. In 2010, he was 20 years old, but he had already won the honor of NCAA. Wall's appearance set the stage.

正是由于历史上最糟糕的情况,华盛顿人才推翻了第一个没有多米诺骨牌,并在第二年成为这篇文章的男性主角。 2010年,他20岁,但是他已经获得了NCAA的荣誉。沃尔的出现奠定了舞台。

   At that time, Wall was full of spirits and had a bright future.


   A good seedling with extraordinary talents, which is quite appreciated by Arenas.


As a rookie, Wall has complex and indescribable feelings for Arenas, who has long been famous all over the world. He admires, sympathizes with each other, and awes at the same time. Thinking about his second round show of Arenas, he was underestimated and achieved Any achievement is made by this strong man through gritted teeth all the way.


All-stars, starters, playoffs, big contracts, 60 points on Kobe's head..., "three-point day is doomed to seven points by hard work" is simply the most beautiful ode to Arenas, and he always shows great pride. The social atmosphere makes Wall very submissive. If Arenas practiced midfield one-handed three-pointers alone at night, his younger brother Wall had made a five-body shot. Then Arenas, who was about to be packaged and sent away by the Wizards, gave a big gift to his teammates. The box coconut shoes were uniquely given to Wall by seven pairs. This kind of warming behavior made Wall respect and felt that this is what the boss really should be.


   Later, Wall was a genius after all, so he couldn't help being the boss.


   If you give sneakers, then I will give a watch. My teammates have a Rolex, which is very valuable, but for Wall, who has grown up a long time ago, it’s a drop in the bucket. The three-year-old Bill knew Wall, who was in college, when he was in high school. Bill came to the NBA, and Wall was covered by his younger brother.


   Be the boss, dress well, often wear sunglasses and suit, and go in gang style.


Therefore, he always deliberately or unconsciously tries to play a role with a strong atmosphere of the rivers and lakes. With the increasing influence, he is actively implementing "the poor, the one who is alone, and the benefit of the world." The incarnation of the public welfare ambassador is running for the poor people in the community. Wall, who looks cool and cold, is actually full of softness, tenderness and kindness in his heart. The most important thing is the moment when he shed tears for the little girl who died of illness.


   Wall with an excellent public image is a model of quality idols.


In the arena, he was a leader who did his part, and Bill had full firepower to bring the Wizards back to the playoffs, but he couldn't go further every time. His best result was just reaching the conference semifinals in 2016-17. Has been distressed by Wall. The most distressing is the nightmare of injury and unavoidable. He is a speed-type defender who has always focused on breakthroughs, suffering from knee and foot injuries.


   In February 2019, Wall suddenly suffered a torn left Achilles tendon at home and was completely reimbursed for the season. The most recent game stayed on December 27, 2018.


   After the operation, the recovery period was protracted. The first Eastern point guard faded out of public view and was almost forgotten. As everyone knows, Achilles tendon injury is a nightmare for athletes, and it is still unknown how successful he can recover after surgery. His iron buddy Cousins ​​was destroyed by the Achilles tendon. Competitive sports are cruel. Even if you are a favorite of heaven, once you lose the athletic ability you depend on for a living, you can't escape the risk of getting ahead.


   Fortunately, there is no economic loss. In the summer of 2017, Wall signed a four-year contract of 170 million US dollars. The 2019-20 season began to take effect and expired in the summer of 2023. The final year's salary was as high as 47.3 million US dollars.

幸运的是,没有经济损失。 2017年夏天,沃尔签署了一项为期四年的合同,总额为1.7亿美元。 2019-20赛季开始生效,并于2023年夏天到期。最后一年的薪水高达4730万美元。

   Wall was absent, and the impact was obvious. Bill could not help alone. Before the suspension of the epidemic, he led his team to 24 wins and 40 losses. After the rematch, Bill also failed to go to the park due to injury, the Wizards completely lost their soul, eight games, 1 win and 7 losses.


The whole world is waiting for Wall to return from his injury, but when the epidemic broke out and the black equal rights movement was in full swing, a video hit Twitter. Wall, who was known for his speed, once again only used 13 seconds (video length) It attracted the attention of the whole world.


It's nothing more than a few black men who drank too much and they kept showing off to the camera. But the protagonist of the video is not a cat or dog, but a famous basketball star Wall, who seems to have disappeared in the past two years. In the video, he is topless, Under the influence of alcohol or suspected illegal drugs, his eyes were blurred, and he looked at the camera dimly. He made cool gestures and said something vaguely in his mouth. Finally, he shook his hand and shook out a red cloth. , Those gestures and the piece of red cloth are all signs of the blood gang.

无非就是几个喝太多酒的黑人,他们一直向相机炫耀。但是视频的主角不是猫或狗,而是著名的篮球明星沃尔,他似乎在过去两年中失踪了。在视频中,他是裸露的,在酒精或涉嫌违禁药物的影响下,他的眼睛模糊了,他朦胧地看着相机。他做出了很酷的手势,含糊其词。最终,他握手,握了红布。 ,那些手势和那块红布都是血帮的迹象。

Wall, like Arenas back then, fell into the whirlpool of public opinion, as if the Wizards’ history of the black tradition has been continued. He just waved his hand and opened the door, revealing the dark side of the moon, nakedly letting the world see the drunkenness. tip of the iceberg.


There has been a long debate about whether Wall is a member of the gang, and there have been clues before. He once made a blood gang gesture to celebrate the score in the competition. Rapper 69 once confessed to a member of the Wall blood gang in court, but there was no sufficient evidence to prove it. Authenticity, now that Wall is drunk and showing the red cloth, undoubtedly confirms the identity of the blood gang member. Although the gangs are pervasive in the NBA and other sports leagues, there are not a few athletes with gang backgrounds. This is an open or semi-open secret. , But everyone tacitly chooses to avoid taboos and maintain a good public image. It is obviously an extremely unsuitable risky move to be public like Wall. It is rare and bold. It is an act of playing with fire and self-immolation, wiping a gun and making fire. It is only one step away from the abyss. Far away.

关于沃尔是否是该团伙的成员,一直存在着长期的争论,而且以前也有线索。他曾经做出过血腥帮派的姿态来庆祝比赛中的得分。说唱歌手69曾经在法庭上向沃尔血帮的一名成员供认,但没有足够的证据证明这一点。既然沃尔已经喝醉了,并且穿着红色的衣服,那么真实性无疑证实了血帮成员的身份。尽管帮派在NBA和其他体育联盟中无处不在,但很少有具有帮派背景的运动员。这是一个公开或半公开的秘密。 ,但是每个人都默认选择避免禁忌并保持良好的公众形象。像沃尔这样的公众,显然是非常不合适的冒险举动。这是罕见而大胆的。这是玩火和自焚,擦枪并燃烧的行为。距深渊仅一步之遥。离这很远。

   American rap culture and basketball culture mostly originated from slums, and many stars have joined gangs when they were young.


   Even if they become famous in the future, they cannot leave the gang, but they must keep their gang identity secret, otherwise they may be hunted down by another gang.


   Therefore, it was made up by others that Wall’s Achilles tendon injury is a vendetta, which is ridiculous.


Wall was born in hardship and was born in a slum. His father was on the streets and often went to prison. Wall was 9 years old and his father died of liver cancer. The irritated Wall was confused and confused about the future. , A child who grew up at the bottom of the United States, including but not limited to blacks, what will he do when he grows up? In general, the options are limited.

沃尔出生于苦难中,并出生于贫民窟。他的父亲在街上,经常入狱。沃尔9岁,父亲死于肝癌。恼怒的沃尔对未来感到困惑和困惑。 ,一个在美国底层(包括但不限于黑人)长大的孩子,长大后会做什么?通常,选项是有限的。

   Black people have a natural voice, a strong sense of music, and a great rhythm. They can play rap and dance hip-hop.


   Blacks are inherently better in physical fitness than other races, and can take sports routes, such as baseball, rugby, and basketball. However, if neither of these roads is painful, it is a last resort to join a gang and seek refuge in order to survive.


Later, it was his mother and basketball who led Wall to a brighter path. In the AAU league, he could score 63 points in a single game. He was famous in the United States in high school. After a year at the University of Kentucky, he joined the NBA and gained both fame and fortune. No need to live in poverty anymore.


   But the imprint of the bottom has been deeply integrated into the genes. Many people who suffered at the bottom, even if they develop in the future, the inferiority, fear and loneliness in their bones cannot be removed.


For example, Reggie Jackson, no matter what team he is in, his strong ambition to become a master is obvious. People like them are often aggressive. The native family gives them strong but fragile self-esteem, and they will never be Grant Hill's players from middle-class families are as natural and elegant as they are friendly to the world.

例如,雷吉·杰克逊(Reggie Jackson),无论他在哪个团队中,他成为主人的强烈野心都是显而易见的。像他们这样的人经常具有侵略性。土生土长的家庭给他们强烈但脆弱的自尊心,他们永远不会成为格兰特·希尔(Grant Hill)的中产阶级家庭球员,因为他们对世界友善一样自然,优雅。

Although Wall ranked 42nd in the Forbes Global Athlete Income Rankings released in May 2020, and 13th among basketball stars, even though he completed his studies during his healing period, you can still learn from that absurdity. In the video, I saw the sadness of a man who was just over 30 years old, just like a social animal man suffering from a middle-aged crisis who needs to vent through alcohol. Maybe this has always been his lifestyle.


  What has he experienced these days?


   was injured, the future is uncertain. Mother also passed away. As a black person, life in dire straits is empathetic. The epidemic is coming, and people are panicking. When everything is out of control, where is there a sense of security? The sense of security is a mystical thing, it is a spiritual hint to himself, so when he is drunk and fleeing from the suffering of reality, with a piece of red cloth, he tells the world where he belongs? If the Achilles tendon injury makes him unable to play like before, basketball once gave him everything, but the delusions are all retaken, the bright red cloth is his most wild and straightforward expression of his chest, his most direct and most rebellious Express and talk.

受伤了,前途未卜。母亲也去世了。作为一个黑人,在困境中的生活是善解人意的。流行病即将来临,人们感到恐慌。当一欧宝体育竞猜切都失去控制时,哪里会有安全感?安全感是一个神秘的事物,对他自己是一种精神上的暗示,所以当他喝醉了,逃避现实的痛苦时,用一块红布告诉世界他属于哪里?如果跟腱受伤使他无法像以前那样比赛,篮球曾经给了他一切,但妄想都被重拾了,鲜红色的布是他最狂野,最直接的胸部表情,是他最直接,最叛逆的表情和说话。 。

   He once said that he will never be changed by money.


   But when he drank a glass of strong wine, was surrounded by him, and lived a life pretending not to be empty, was he still the boy who was desperate for his dream? Is that tough guy who shed tears for the dead little girl with tenderness and kindness in his heart forever?


   Wall will still do good deeds that everyone praises, and don’t use a piece of paper aggressively because of a video. This is the multi-faceted and inferior nature of Wall as a human, just like you and me.


   "It was you using a red cloth that day


   blindfolded my eyes and the sky


   you ask me what I saw


   I said I saw happiness


   This feeling really makes me comfortable"


   Wall has been changed, but it is not just the money and the red cloth that have changed him.


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