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Netease Sports reported on October 31:


The 2020 F1 Championship came to Italy, the 13th race of the season was launched at the famous Imola circuit. In qualifying, the Mercedes driver


As a classic circuit, the last time the F1 Grand Prix was held on the Imola circuit, it dates back to 2006. Due to the long journey from the last Portuguese Grand Prix to Italy, the original three-day schedule will be shortened to two days and only a 90-minute practice match will be set up.


In this only practice match, Hamilton ranked first with 1:14.726, Verstappen ranked second, Bottas ranked third, and Toro Rosso’s Gasley performed well and rushed in the practice match. To the fourth place.


After the start of the first stage of qualifying, Ferrari, Toro Rosso and other middle-ranked teams made their debut early. In the first speeding lap, Toro Rosso's Kuvia ran in the forefront, even better than the Red Bull team's Weiss Tapan is fast, Ferrari’s performance is quite satisfactory, Leclerc is sixth,

在排位赛第一阶段开始后,法拉利,托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso)和其他中级车队提早亮相。在超速行驶的第一圈,托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso)的库维亚(Kuvia)跑在前列,甚至比红牛车队的魏斯·塔潘(Weiss Tapan)快,法拉利的表现也令人满意,莱克莱尔(Leclerc)排名第六,

Raikkonen, who just announced a one-year contract extension with the Alfa Romeo team this week, also performed well, ranking 10th in the time lap. The Mercedes team debuted with 12 minutes left in the countdown. Hamilton's performance on the first lap was mediocre. Although he briefly took the first place, his performance was quickly surpassed by Verstappen of Red Bull Racing. However, after a short adjustment, Hamilton made a score of 1:14.576, occupying the first place in one fell swoop.

莱科宁本周刚刚宣布与阿尔法罗密欧车队续签了一年的合同,他的表现也不错,在当时排名第十。梅赛德斯车队首发倒计时还剩12分钟。汉密尔顿在第一圈的表现平平。尽管他短暂地获得了第一名,但他的表现很快被Red Bull Racing的Verstappen超越。但是,经过短暂的调整,汉密尔顿取得了1:14.576的得欧宝体育竞猜分,一举获得第一名。

Bottas was blocked by a slow car on the first lap, and did not even make it into the top 15 in the rankings. On the following lap, the Finn was cancelled due to the four-round white line at Turn 9 and his effective results were cancelled. Run one more lap on the track. Coincidentally, Alben of Red Bull Racing also encountered the same problem. He was cancelled by the first lap and ranked 19th and 20th with Bottas.


In the last 4 minutes, the teams in the relegation zone started a big fight. Ferrari driver Vettel did not perform well, hovering around 15th. But the following lap Vettel bottomed out and rebounded and rushed to 8th place. Bottas and Alben got rid of the risk of relegation, and Bottas rushed to second and Alben to seventh.

在最后4分钟内,保级区的球队展开了一场激烈的战斗。法拉利车手维特尔表现不佳,徘徊在第15位。但随后的一圈维特尔(Vettel)触底反弹,反弹并冲到了第八位。 Bottas和Alben摆脱了降级的风险,Bottas冲至第二,Alben冲至第七。

In the final moments of Q1, Bottas rose to first place, Ricardo, who had been in the relegation zone, rushed to 11th place, and finally Haas’s Grosjean and Magnussen, Alfa Romeo’s Raikkonen and Gio Venus and Latife of the Williams team were eliminated.

在第一季度的最后时刻,博塔斯(Bottas)升至第一名,曾在降级区的里卡多(Ricardo)冲至第11名,最后哈斯(Haas)的Grosjean和Magnussen,阿尔法·罗密欧(Alfa Romeo)的莱科宁(Raikkonen)和乔奥·维纳斯(Gio Venus)和威廉姆斯车队的拉蒂夫被淘汰。

After the start of the second stage of the qualifying session, the Meiben duo took the lead one after the other. Bottas still beat his teammates in the first time lap, temporarily ranking first with 1 minute 14 seconds 586. Hamilton was behind It took less than 0.01 seconds to temporarily rank second. In contrast, Verstappen, a strong contender for pole position, encountered a lot of trouble during this period. Verstappen was told that the car had lost power during the lap time and had to return to the pit lane for repairs. The promotion situation is precarious.

在排位赛第二阶段开始后,梅本二人一个接一个地领先。 Bottas仍在第一圈击败队友,以1分14秒586暂时排名第一。汉密尔顿落后暂时排名第二不到0.01秒。相反,Verstappen是杆位的强有力竞争者,在此期间遇到了很多麻烦。 Verstappen被告知,该车在单圈时间内失去了动力,必须返回维修区进行维修。晋升情况pre可危。

Gasley, who was ranked 4th in the practice session, was still eye-catching in qualifying, ranking 3rd in the first lap after two Mercedes-Benz cars. Instead, the Red Bull Racing team struggled even more. Verstappen's car was being repaired, and another driver Alben skidded on the track and almost caused an accident. He was only 11th in the time lap.

在练习赛中排名第四的加斯利在排位赛中仍然引欧宝体育竞猜人注目,在两辆奔驰车之后的第一圈中排名第三。相反,红牛车队挣扎了更多。 Verstappen的汽车正在修理中,另一名驾驶员Alben在赛道上滑倒,几乎造成了事故。他当时仅排在第11位。

After an emergency repair, Verstappen returned to the track to make his final efforts for promotion, but he only had enough time to complete one lap. In this only lap opportunity, Verstappen seized the opportunity and rushed in one fell swoop. In the 5th place, his teammate Alben also recovered his form and ended the Q2 competition in 4th place. With the end of the Q2 countdown, the two match point team drivers Perez and Stoll, Ferrari’s Vettel, Williams’ Russell and Renault’s O’Connell were eliminated. This is also Vettel’s 9 consecutive qualifying matches. Was eliminated in qualifying Q2.


The countdown to qualifying Q3 began, and the Mercedes team took the lead again. Although Hamilton made some mistakes on the first time lap, he still made an excellent result of 1:13.789. Teammate Bottas was behind by 0.03 seconds. , The two Mercedes-Benz racing cars also became the only two cars that ran in 1 minute and 14 seconds. Vista Pan was 0.7 seconds behind Hamilton and temporarily ranked third, with Gasley and Leclerc 4-5. Bit.

资格赛Q3倒计时开始,梅赛德斯车队再次领先。尽管汉密尔顿在第一圈犯了一些错误,但他仍然取得了1:13.789的出色成绩。队友博塔斯落后了0.03秒。 ,两辆梅赛德斯-奔驰赛车也成为仅有的两辆在1分14秒内行驶的汽车。 Vista Pan落后汉密尔顿0.7秒,并以Gasley和Leclerc 4-5暂时排名第三。位

Alben of the Red Bull Racing team was cancelled due to the white line in the first lap again in four rounds, and he could only wait until the last lap to challenge pole position. In the last 2 minutes, the pole position battle started between the Mercedes-Benz duo. Bottas was still in the leading position over Hamilton after the first and second stages. In the third stage, Bottas withstood the pressure. Achieved an excellent result of 1 minute 13 seconds 609. While breaking the track record, he also beat Hamilton to win the pole position of Imola in 0.097 seconds. Hamilton, Verstappen, Gasli, Ricardo, Al Ben, Leclerc, Kuviat, Norris and Sainz ranked 2-10.

红牛车队的阿尔本(Alben)由于在第一轮的四圈白线而被取消,他只能等到最后一圈才能挑战杆位。在最后2分钟内,梅赛德斯·奔驰二人组之间爆发了杆位争夺战。在第一阶段和第二阶段之后,Bottas仍领先汉密尔顿。在第三阶段,Bottas承受了压力。 1分13秒609的出色成绩。在打破成绩记录的同时,他还击败汉密尔顿以0.097秒的成绩赢得了伊莫拉的杆位。汉密尔顿,维斯塔彭,加斯利,里卡多,阿尔本,勒克莱尔,库维亚特,诺里斯和塞恩斯排名2-10。

The 2020 F1 Imola Race will start at 20:10 on November 1st, Beijing time.


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