In the focus of the Super League relegation team that ended tonight, the Dalian people defeated Shijiazhuang Yongchang 2-0 with Lin Liangming and Wang Yaopeng's goals, and staged a reversal after falling behind 1-2 in the first round. They succeeded 3-2. The comeback was successful and the Dalian people succeeded in relegation. Their next card position opponent is TEDA. Yongchang can be said to have played the worst game of the season. The offense is not smooth, and there are various leaks on the defensive end. After being reversed, they will compete with Shenzhen Football for relegation places.


Lin Liangming cried after the game, and the Dalian players celebrated with the fans and the success of relegation. After the game, the footballers also discussed:


Zhou Ting: It's practical! ended.


Song Ci: The whole Dalian is at ease


Luo Ming: Congratulations to Benitez's relegation in advance. Such a dedicated and caring coach, this is what he won.


Jia Yanfeng: This Dalian win must pay attention to two people: Zhao Xuri and Zheng Long. Their experience, fighting spirit, veteran spirit, and key games have been held! Dalian football needs a youth storm, and it needs veterans to suppress it! Without Zhao Xuri in my cousin, I would not dare to be so forward, and without Zheng Long in the frontcourt, there would be no continuous attack and oppression against Yongchang! In addition, Lin Liangming shed tears in the arena. He has been questioned since joining, but he persisted. Congratulations to Dalian, and also hope that Yongchang will come on! Your performance is already very tenacious!


Liu Wenchao: Yongchang is still very effective, Xiaoxiaodou, come on

l IU wen超: Yong唱is still very effective, ξ AO小豆, come on

Miao Yuan: Dalian people resisted the pressure, completed the task ahead of schedule, and had a chance to compete for the ninth place. Shijiazhuang Yongchang played unsatisfactorily today. It seemed that he had only recently met in the frontcourt. The success rate of forward passes was very poor and he couldn't match the rhythm. It's very difficult for Yongchang to fight deep.


Qi Lat: This game is like a puzzle, the kind of more than 800 yuan...


Dalian players and fans have reason to be happy. Their performance is worthy of the fans' expectations, and they have successfully relegated successfully. For Shijiazhuang Yongchang, the next step is to adjust the players' state. If this performance continues, the team's relegation is a big problem.


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