欧宝体育竞猜-法网大幕即将拉开 德纳之争德约已领先一个身位?


Originally held in summer


On September 27, the French Open will officially kick off due to the postponement of the epidemic. As the largest tennis tournament held in Europe after the epidemic, it is bound to attract many eyeballs.


Due to the rebound of the epidemic, the admission limit of the French Open has been lowered several times. From the initial plan, 11,500 people were allowed to enter the venue per day, but now only 1,000 people are allowed to enter the venue per day. But even if there are not many live audiences, the appeal of the event itself will not decline.


As the two biggest favorites to win,


Djokovic just won the Rome Masters.


As the world's fourth-ranked Swiss king Federer was reimbursed by an injury season, Djokovic, Nadal, Tim and Medvedev, ranked 1 to 5 in the world rankings, became the top four seeds of this French Open.


Djokovic and Medvedev are in the upper half, while Nadal and Tim are in the lower half. Judging from the lottery, it seems that it is more difficult for Nadal to get to the final.


In the upper half where Djokovic is located, there is no too strong opponent on the way to the promotion. In terms of strength, Greek star Sisipas, Spanish player Agut, and even the fourth seed Medvedev are all difficult to beat Djokovic. Pose a huge threat.


But in the lower half where Nadal is located, Tim has just won his first Grand Slam championship on the US Open this year, and he is also the first Grand Slam championship of men's post-90s players in tennis. In addition, the famous Japanese player Kei Nishikori, German player Zverev, and Italian player Fognini, who has beaten Nadal several times, will all be the hurdles that the clay king will pass on his way to advancement.


Since he did not participate in Cincinnati and the US Open in North America, Nadal needs more games to get his feelings back. In the Rome Masters before the French Open, Nadal was blocked by the Argentine star Schwarzman from the top four, losing to his opponent for the first time in his career.


On the other hand, Djokovic successfully aspired in Rome, increasing the number of his Masters championships to 36, thus surpassing Nadal to become the male player with the most Masters championships in history. It seems that the Serb is the more champion.


Nadal is still the favorite of the French Open.


At the US Open, he was directly sentenced to miss the quarterfinals due to the accidental injury of the referee. He undoubtedly hoped to prove himself again at the French Open. After winning the Rome game, he said that this trophy is what he needs most at the moment.


Nadal needs to find a better form in a few adjustments. His coach Roig also said frankly, "Now there is still a certain distance from the best Nadal. I think he can win the French Open this year, but It will be very difficult, let's work hard step by step."


For Chinese audiences, besides paying attention to the championship battle between Dana, the prospect of China Golden Flower is also worthy of attention.


When Wang Xinyu lost in the third round of the qualifying round and missed the main match, and Wang Qiang withdrew from the French Open due to injury, only the Chinese Golden Flower in the French Open singles main draw was left.


According to the signing table, Zhang Shuai, who has no seed status, will face a severe test in the first round against the 12th seeded Keith from the United States. The last time the two played against each other was at the 2016 Australian Open, when Zhang Shuai won 2-1.


From the historical record, Zhang Shuai has a slight advantage with 3 wins and 2 losses. However, after the resumption of tennis this year, Zhang Shuai was in poor condition. The previous Cincinnati and US Open both encountered a round of games.


Coming to the clay court, Zhang Shuai also lost the first round in the Rome game. This time on the stage of the French Open, it is not easy to pass the first round.


Chinese Golden Flower Zhang Shuai will play at the French Open.


The Cincinnati and U.S. Open previously held in the United States were both held in an empty closed form. The French Open will finally see the audience again.


However, in the context of the rebound of the epidemic, the admission limit was lowered twice: At first, the French Open Organizing Committee optimistically estimated that it can accommodate 11,500 people per day, and then lowered the maximum number to 5,000 on the 17th, and on the 24th. It was further downgraded to 1,000.


Compared with empty games, allowing spectators to enter the stadium will naturally bear a greater risk of epidemic transmission, especially the recent fierce epidemic in France. According to Xinhua News Agency, data from the French Ministry of Health on the 24th showed that the number of new cases of new crowns in the country exceeded 16,000 in a single day, the fourth highest since the outbreak in 8 days.


The French Open has also been attacked by the virus from the beginning. Before the start of the qualifying game, the French Open announced that two players had tested positive for the new crown virus, and the other three had close contact with a coach who tested positive for nucleic acid. . All 5 players withdrew from the game.

法国公开赛也从一开始就受到该病毒的攻击。在资格赛开始之前,法国公开赛宣布两名球员对新冠状病毒测试呈阳性,另外三名与一名教练对核酸测试呈阳性的亲密接触。 。所有5位玩家退出了游戏。

In order to prevent and control the epidemic, the French Open has also taken a number of measures, such as requiring players to stay in designated hotels. Players, spectators, and staff will wear masks and so on.


However, during the previous US Open, despite various epidemic prevention measures, there were still incidents in which players were infected with the new crown virus and forced to withdraw from the race. Whether the French Open can safely end this time has also raised concerns from the outside world.


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