At 2:00 tomorrow morning Beijing time, Tottenham will face Skendia in the third round of the Europa League qualifying round. Before the game, Mourinho attended the press conference.


This is difficult for us to accept because we don't know what to do. We have to train on the same day. I don't know whether to prepare for the game or not. But we still found a middle ground to keep the players alive until the game is not played.


Tomorrow's lineup is different from the previous one. The main reason is that we played a game last Sunday, and the interval from Sunday to Tuesday and Sunday to Thursday is different. The situation is relatively normal now, with three days of rest. But one game on Sunday and one game on Tuesday is not normal, so the lineup will be different. The most important thing is the health and condition of the players.


We want to reach the group stage. But from my coaching experience, even from the perspective of you reporters, you can feel that this kind of qualifying match is more difficult to play than the group stage. Because you have room for mistakes in six games. For example, when I played Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League group stage, we lost two games, won four games, and then advanced. But before we played away in Bulgaria, we would be eliminated in 15 minutes.


When it comes to this event, my most direct thought is: people don’t respect us, so why do we respect it? But this is still a championship I have won, and Tottenham is also connected to it. This is the most recent trophy won by Tottenham.


Let's talk about this inspection system. There are many controversies about the new crown. I don't want to involve myself in it. Each country reacts to it differently, so I just obey the instructions and don't want to get involved in disputes.


I have no idea about this. I was ready for the game that day. Although I was not happy, I prepared according to the schedule. I discarded the negative emotions caused by the unfair schedule. We don’t know what to do next, we just know that we are ready for tomorrow’s game.


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