West Brom again signed Benfica midfielder Felipe Krovinovic on loan today for a one-year lease.

西布朗今天再次与本菲卡中场费利佩·科罗维诺维奇(Felipe Krovinovic)签约,租借一年。

The 25-year-old Croatian midfielder is one of the heroes of bloomers who successfully surpassed last season. He played 43 games, scored 3 goals and assisted 4 times. Coach Bilic has always emphasized the need to retain the core team of last season, so he followed Pereira, Deangana and Robinson to join the thrush for the second time.

这位25岁的克罗地亚中场球员是上个赛季成功超越布鲁姆的英雄之一。他打了43场比赛,打进3球,并助攻4次。 Bilic教练欧宝体育竞猜一直强调需要保留上赛季的核心团队,因此他跟随Pereira,Deangana和Robinson再次加入了鹅口疮。

Cloven can’t wait to start a new journey at Hawthorn Stadium: “I’m glad to be back in the big family. I know it took some time, but the important thing is that I’m back. I told my brother, it’s like putting Returning to school after the summer vacation and seeing friends is the best thing in life."


"Pereira and I will be videoing almost every day throughout the summer. I keep talking about how much I want to come back. He also said that everyone misses me and needs me to come back to play football. He came to Croatia to play with me for a few days. I have posted a lot of photos. I hope our friendship will last forever."


"I watched the first three Premier League matches. I also want to watch the League Cup, but I can’t find the broadcast signal. I can only ask friends from the club to directly video link me live. The Premier League is more technical than the Premier League. I hope I can make it. Contribute, as successful as last season."


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