After two years of tossing, Dalian talents have gradually returned to rationality. They are no longer crazy about the investment of foreign aid, and are more patient with the creation of local players. However, the US still retains the title of relegation team in the Super League, and there is still a certain distance from the strong team. distance. Looking back in recent years, the biggest change in Dalian people should be the head coach. Previously, Marin, Schuster, Cui Kangxi and others failed to truly dominate the fate of the team, and their coaching process was full of resistance.


The current coach Benitez has the power to dominate, which shows the Dalian people's determination to focus on the future with Master Bei as the core. On the one hand, he hopes that Benitez will spend enough time to build a new team with the ability to compete for the championship. He hopes that Benitez will refine young players and at the same time help the youth training system to help Dalian people embark on a sustainable football path.


September has just passed, and Dalian people are now reorganizing foreign aid. This time Benitez is still playing a central role. According to a report from well-known reporter Jia Yanfeng, Master Bei holds the "power of life and death" of the two superstars. The reporter first revealed that the ball Whether the team's striker superstar Long Dong returns to the Venezuelan national team to play in the World Preliminaries, all depends on Benitez's arrangement; then he said that the midfielder Hamsik has returned to Europe to participate in the UEFA Europa League match with Slovakia, despite the contract with the Dalian native There is one more year, but Benitez will decide whether to keep him after the season.


There are indications that Benitez has gained sufficient control as the head coach, comparable to Lippi’s series of operations when he was in Guangzhou Evergrande that year. As long as enough time is given, Benitez is clearly capable of bringing Dalian people Re-build a team with the strength to compete for the title. Earlier, when Benitez responded to the phenomenon of training troops, he bluntly stated that the current young players in Dalian would take at least two to three years to grow.


It can be seen that as long as the Dalian people can ensure that they are not relegated, Benitez will continue to implement his training plan. According to the signing and reorganization of the past two seasons, the Dalian people also have a "Wanda plan" that has already been implemented. It was exposed when Carrasco joined. Carrasco bluntly said that it was because of this plan that he was moved and decided to come to the Super League, but he never revealed the details, which is certainly a grand blueprint.


With the blessing of the "Wanda Plan" and the training plan, Benitez’s coaching control will continue to be demonstrated without any resistance. It has to be said that Dalian people are putting their future bets on Benitez and Young players and youth academy careers are in, in fact, this correct approach should be encouraged no matter what the result is, and more clubs need to make such a future layout!


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